Nico Roofing welcomes you to explore our company, and thanks you for your time in doing so. We’re a Master Craftsman Accredited Business seeking to be your “Go-To” company for service calls, residential restorations, or association services. Our 12 years of service and exceptional services portfolio can open a door to gaining your trust.

We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured.

We’d like to describe some ways of helping you repair or beautify the exterior of your home to further assist you in placing your trust in us.

  • Do you want to reface or renew outside of your home with a new roof or siding?
  • Maybe your gutters and downspouts could use an upgrade?
  • Perhaps you want to add some pizzazz with a new door or shutters?

We Can Do That!


We’re interested in providing a “One Stop Shop” feeling without being too “Jack of all trades” in the skills department. Our crews are made up of the most adequate craftsmen for your needs, and are sent to your worksite, each of them having been trained to follow OSHA Safety regulations at all times.

We enjoy taking on service calls to repair damage to your windows or roof. We arrive in a clearly marked company van that’s equipped with the tools and materials necessary to allow us to correct most general maintenance issues and damage on the spot in most cases.

Larger repairs are completed after a proposal has been sent for your consideration and approval. Every project that requires a permit, assessor, electrician or plumber will be followed according to the regulations as defined prior to commencement of the work to be completed.

From Service Calls to Roofing and Gutters, Soffits & Fascia to Siding and Cultured Stone and finally include Windows & Doors


We regularly repair damage that other companies that
have made a failed attempt at repairing.


This frequently causes many of the leaks and weak spots in various roof types that make up the largest percentage of our service calls. Typically such repairs are completed preceding a strong storm where a few shingles have disappeared but there is no cause for concern, we’ll replace those shingles. The technician might not have been trained to diagnose other potential problems, or just didn’t care. Then suddenly you begin seeing water stains on your walls, and now you’re concerned.


Are you an association or commercial property that is unhappy with your current service provider? We understand the process of maintaining the appearance of your Home, Condo, or Commercial property to be in conformity with your association’s expectations. Allow us to show you how we can satisfy the exterior needs of your investment in compliance with the regulations of not only the association, but also with local laws.