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Storm Damage & Hail Damage Restoration

As soon as a storm clears your area, make sure you’re checking your roof for damage. A lot of storm damage is super obvious, but there are some issues which may escape your immediate detection. That’s why it’s always advisable to hire the services of professional storm damage assessors and make sure you don’t miss any damage.


Storm and hail damage can lead to serious complications, beginning with minor issues like leaking and going all the way up to severe structural compromise and even a total collapse of your home! If you’re not certain whether or not your roof has suffered damage, give us a call for hail damage restoration services. Our expert contractors will be able to catch any damage that you may have missed during your initial assessment.

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Shingles are particularly vulnerable to storm damage. The high winds brought on by storms can tear shingles right off your roof or curl them up. Both types of damage are serious, since it exposes your roof deck and old shingles directly to the elements. This essentially leaves your home unprotected. Hail can make things even worse, creating dents and holes in your shingles which render them useless in terms of protecting your home. While these dents are a minor issue and relatively easy to fix, they may also indicate more significant, underlying hail damage. If a storm has hit your area, check for any leaks or water spots inside. A lack of external damage does not always mean there is no damage at all, as evidenced by these leaks or water spots. If your roof is missing shingles, make sure to call contractors for storm damage repair immediately. These problems will not resolve themselves on their own; on the contrary, they will get worse and worse and the repairs will be more extensive and costly in the future.

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