Your roofing project is important to us

Here at NICO Roofing we treat each project as an art project, we are compiling the brushstrokes, fabric, and foundation for which the piece as a whole can be looked upon as a work of art by talented craftsmen or the artists in this all too real painting.

Take your time to choose from a wide range of shingles

We are committed to engaging our clients by providing sample roofing materials, an explanation as to the differences and how they will hold up against the area’s weather elements. There are shingles that can assist solely in resilience and others that are more apt to protecting against deterioration. Our crews are well-versed in the different types of shingles as well as the installation of each type currently available.

Our roofers are here to help you choose the best material

So from storm damage to getting you the roof you want, you can count on us for the information you need and the professionalism that you can trust.

With the many various types of shingles, there are three that are most commonly used in the United States. These are:

Most commonly used shingle type, selected for ease of replacement and affordability.

Second most commonly used shingle type, selected for decorative purposes. These shingles are made from split logs, and can be used as siding as well. Best when made of cedar, they’re long-lasting in wetter areas, or where an invasion of termites is less likely.

These shingles are becoming more commonplace in the U.S., particularly in areas of extreme heat or to enhance the architecture of a Spanish style home. They are most commonly seen in countries like Mexico, Peru, Madrid, and places with similar heat indexes.

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quality shingle roofing

Natural clay, concrete and slate tiles are some of the most durable and protective roofing materials available. We handle all your slate and tile roofing needs including architectural sheet metal as just another way we can provide you with the quality workmanship, expert craftsmen, and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

From the moment you contact us we want you to know that we will take special care when it comes to every aspect of gaining your trust, completing the job, saving you money, and having you tell anyone that asks that NICO Roofing did the work for you.

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